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The institution has established eight departments of electricity, mechanics, geometry, thermal engineering, physics and chemistry, and high voltage. The scope of approved testing capabilities covers: biomedicine, engineering construction, high-voltage power, electronic appliances, auto parts and other industries. The reports issued by this institution within the scope of accreditation fully meet the traceability requirements of the ISO-related systems, and the data issued can be traced to national standards and the International System of Units.

The mechanics room is a professional laboratory responsible for measuring and calibrating instruments such as quality, torque, hardness, pressure, vacuum, and speed.
The mechanics room is equipped with a high-precision balance of one hundred thousandths, E2 weights, a torque wrench tester, a piston pressure gauge, a high-precision standard dynamometer, a standard speed generator, a high-precision extensometer calibrator and other professional equipment .

Carry out the project:
Digital, analog indicator scales, non-self-indicating scales, electronic balances, mechanical balances, frame balances, weights, torque wrench verifiers, torque wrenches, torque batches, tension and compression testing machines, electronic universal testing machines, rubber hardness testers A , AO, D type, Rockwell hardness tester, Vickers hardness tester, metal Webster hardness tester, spring tube type general pressure gauge, pressure vacuum gauge and vacuum gauge, spring tube type precision pressure gauge and vacuum gauge and vacuum gauge, shock Testing machine, flexural testing machine, tachometer, sound level meter, working dynamometer, and other special equipment.

The length room is equipped with: image measuring instrument, grating indicator verifier, second-class glass line ruler, etc., which can carry out precision measuring instruments and equipment, general standards, line instruments, angles, surface roughness, plane straightness, etc. And other items of calibration.
Geometric measurement instruments: altimeter, altimeter, percent (micrometer) indicator, digital indicator, caliper, dial indicator caliper, caliper with meter, vernier (digital display) caliper, depth vernier (number Display) caliper, height vernier (digital display) caliper, caliper with meter, vernier tooth caliper, thickness gauge, outer diameter (inner diameter) micrometer, common normal micrometer, thread micrometer, depth micrometer, internal (internal diameter) micrometer, three Claw inner diameter micrometer and so on.

Some approved calibration and measurement capabilities:
Thermal measuring instruments: working glass liquid thermometer, digital thermometer, temperature indicating controller, mechanical thermometer and hygrometer, environmental test equipment, vacuum drying oven, box-type resistance furnace (muffle furnace), water bath, salt spray test chamber Wait;
Electromagnetic measuring instruments: DC stabilized power supply, AC digital voltmeter, AC stabilized power supply, withstand voltage tester, clamp ammeter, leakage current tester, insulation resistance meter, electronic insulation resistance meter, ground continuity resistance tester , Electrostatic wrist strap/foot plate tester, digital AC parameter measuring instrument, digital multimeter, ammeter, voltmeter, power meter and resistance meter, etc.;

Radio measuring instruments: low-frequency signal generator, oscilloscope;
Optical measuring instruments: standard light source box, whiteness meter, color measurement color difference meter, Abbe refractometer, diffuse transmission visual densitometer, mirror gloss meter, reflectance meter, haze meter, clarity detector;
Chemical measuring instruments: UV-Vis spectrophotometer, visible spectrophotometer, Fourier transform infrared spectrometer, atomic absorption spectrophotometer, fluorescence spectrophotometer, atomic fluorescence spectrometer, ICP spectrometer, direct reading spectrometer, polarimeter and optical sugar meter , Hand-held sugar meter, gas chromatograph, liquid chromatograph, ion chromatograph, turbidity meter, dissolved oxygen analyzer, comprehensive water quality analyzer, chemical oxygen demand (COD) online automatic monitor, total organic carbon analyzer , Wood moisture content measuring instrument, Karl Fischer coulometric trace moisture analyzer, rotational viscometer, pH (acidity) meter, ion meter, conductivity meter, trace oxygen analyzer, combustible gas detection alarm, semi-automatic biochemical analyzer, Open/closed flash point analyzer, element analyzer, enzyme label analyzer;

Special measuring instruments: pendulum fabric tearing tester, washing fastness tester, paper and cardboard thickness tester, corrugated board thickness tester, paper and cardboard absorbency tester, laboratory PFI refiner, concrete resistance Permeameter, rapid concrete chloride ion content tester, cement concrete mixture moisture content tester, cement mortar fluidity tester, concrete test vibration table, cement mortar mixer, cement paste mixer, cement mortar vibration table , Mortar test body forming and compaction table, cement electric anti-analysis test machine, standard curing box, cement negative pressure sieve analyzer, Marshall stability tester, asphalt mixture Marshall compaction tester, steel corrosion tester, asphalt penetration tester Tester, mortar test mold, standard consistency and setting time tester for pure pulp, drying moisture tester, mortar mixer, drug dissolution tester, DC electronic load, etc.

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