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How does the power adapter perform the salt spray test?
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Time: 2021-06-03

1.Why do the power adapter do the salt spray test?

In the process of storage, transportation and use, the power adapter is often affected by harmful factors in the surrounding environment. The working performance, reliability and life of the power adapter will be affected. Therefore, it is necessary to verify that the metal parts on the power adapter are exposed to Will corrosion occur in the atmosphere or other environments?

Reliability salt spray test is to assess the salt spray corrosion resistance of products or metal materials. The result judgment is the key to correctly measure the salt spray corrosion resistance of products or metals. The salt spray test takes a short time, it does not take a few years, it only takes a few days or even a few hours to detect the corrosion resistance of the power adapter, which is very efficient.

2. Judgment standard of salt spray

(1) GB/T 2423.17-2008 environmental test of electrical and electronic products;

(2) IEC 60068-2-11 Environmental test for electrical and electronic products.

3. The power adapter handles the salt spray test process

(1) Project application-submit an application to An Magnetic Testing.

(2) Document preparation-provide relevant certification documents as required.

(3) Product testing-A company sends samples of the power adapter to be tested to the laboratory for testing. (4) Preparation of reports-test engineers prepare reports based on the qualified salt spray test data. (5) Submit for review-the engineer will review the complete report.

(6) Certificate issuance-after the report is verified, the report will be issued.

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