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Do you know these switching power supply test items?
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Time: 2021-06-03

A series of reliability tests are required for the power supply from production to putting it into the market. It is generally done in accordance with national basic standards, such as GB2423-2008 series of environmental test methods for electrical and electronic products. Frequently tested items include: high and low temperature, temperature cycle, temperature shock, damp heat, vibration, shock, IP protection level test, etc. Next, let's take a look at some conventional test items together!

Conventional test items for switching power supply:

1. Power factor and efficiency test

2. Average efficiency test

3. Input current test

4. Output overshoot amplitude test

5. Tide test

6. Surge current test

7. Ripple and noise test

8. Voltage adjustment rate test

9. Output transient response test

10. Overcurrent protection test

11. Short circuit protection test

12. Component temperature rise test

13. Current overload change test

14. Input voltage variation test

15. Power switch cycle test

16. Overvoltage protection test

17. Rated voltage output current test

18. Insulation resistance test

19. Insulation withstand voltage test

20. Low temperature storage test

21. Low temperature start test

22. Low temperature operation test

23. Temperature cycle test

24. High temperature operation test

25. High temperature and humidity storage test

26, drop test

27. Thermal shock test

28. Ground impedance test

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