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Switching power supply 3C certification application guide
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Time: 2021-06-03

What standards are used for switching power supply for 3ci certification, and what are the test items? What materials do I need to prepare? What is the processing process? With these questions, let's learn about the related content of switching power supply 3c certification.

What is the 3c certification standard for switching power supply?

Switching power supply 3c certification standards are mainly based on the national standards GB4943, GB8898 and GB4706.

Switching power supplies need to provide the following 3 certification information:

1.3c certification application

2. Applicant's business license and organization code certificate 3. Product structure diagram, circuit schematic diagram, exploded diagram, etc. 4. List of key components

5. Product nameplate (electronic file) 6. Internal insulation sheet size figure 7. Transformer and inductance specification 8. Chinese product manual (electronic file)

9. Whether to sell components with wires, use altitude, use climatic conditions. 10. Product difference statement (required for each model)

11. Model comparison table of both parties (to be provided for oDM mode application)

Switching power supply processing 3c certification process:

Stage 1: Application acceptance;

Stage 2: Data review;

Stage 3: Samples sent to receive grazing; Stage 4: Sample testing and verification of data; Stage 5: Drafts produced by the laboratory;

Phase 6: The draft is correct, upload for review; Phase 7: cQc preliminary evaluation → re-evaluation → certificate issuance; Phase 8: certificate printing, receiving, sending and management; Phase 9: factory inspection within 3 months after the first application for 3c certification (for (Factory level c or D can only be obtained after factory inspection)

Switching power supply 3c certification test items:

1.6.2 Input Current Test

1.7.13 Durability of Marking Test Energy Hazard in Operator Access Area "Energy Hazard Test> Discharge of Capacitors (capacitor discharge test of a circuit)

2.2.2 SELv limits for Normal Conditions (safe low voltage test under normal working conditions) 2.2.3 SELv limits for &bnormal Conditions (safe low voltage test under fault conditions) 2.4.2 Limited Current Circuits (Bridging components) Circuit test) 2.5 Limited Power Sources (limited power source test)

2. After. 3.4 Resistance of Earthing Circuit (grounding continuity test) 2.9.2 Humidity Conditioning (humidity treatment test)

2.10.2 Working voltage over Insulation (working voltage test)

3.2.6 Cord Anchorages and Strain Relief Test 4.1 Stability Test (10 Tilting Test)

4.2.4 Steady Force Test, 250N (250N constant force test) 4.2.5 Impact Test (Steel Ball) (impact test)

4.2. Drop Test

4.2.7 Stress Relief Test

4.3.6 Torque Test (direct-plug in over 450g) 4.5.1 Maximum Temperature Test

4.5.2 Ball Pressure Test

5.1.6 Touch current and PE current (leakage current test) 5.2 Electric Strength Test (electric strength test)

5.3 Fault Condition Test (abnormal work/fault condition test)

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