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Introduction to the certification of Bluetooth headset products exported to the EU, the United States and Japan
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Time: 2021-06-03

Due to its wireless connection, Bluetooth headsets get rid of the constraints of wires and are deeply loved by consumers, and gradually become hot-selling products overseas. Nowadays, many styles of Bluetooth headsets involve charging compartments, which are convenient for storage and increase charging at the same time. Endurance effect.

So, what certifications should be made to export Bluetooth headsets to the United States, the European Union, and Japan? Do Bluetooth headsets with charging boxes need additional certifications? The following is an explanation of the relevant certification situation.

Certification analysis

The Bluetooth headset with the charging box can be divided into two parts to consider, one is the headset part, and the other is the charging compartment part.

The earphone part has wireless function and needs to be done in accordance with the test part of the relevant wireless standard. In addition to the wireless requirements, the earphone also needs to meet the corresponding safety and EMC requirements.

Another part of the charging compartment can be made in accordance with the charger standard. This is the EMC and safety test requirements, without considering the wireless requirements.

European Union

The export of Bluetooth headsets with charging compartment to Europe requires cE certification.

Test standard content: the charging box is made of safety regulations, EMCC, and the Bluetooth headset itself is made of wireless (CE-RED), safety regulations and EMC.

United States

The Bluetooth headset with charging compartment is exported to the United States for Fcc certification.

Test standard content: The charging box is made of EMC, and the Bluetooth headset itself is made of wireless (FCC-ID) and EMC. It should be noted that FCc is not responsible for safety requirements. For safety certification, it is recommended to do u certification or ETL certification. These two certifications are highly recognized in the United States. Here we only discuss compulsory certification, non-compulsory UL certification and ETL suggest that customers do it according to the degree of market recognition.


The Bluetooth headset with charging compartment is exported to Japan for TELEC certification and PSE certification.

Test standard content: The charging box is PSE certified (round PSE), and the Bluetooth headset itself is TELEC certified.


Bluetooth certification is also BQB certification. In short, if your product has Bluetooth function and you want to mark the Bluetooth logo on the product's appearance, you must pass a certification called BQE.

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