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Are you still looking for a certification agency for masks and forehead guns? We can help you!
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Time: 2021-06-09

Due to the outbreak of new crown pneumonia, the demand for masks and forehead guns has skyrocketed. At the same time, masks and forehead thermometers have also become essential items for the "epidemic". At present, the domestic epidemic is easing, and the number of infections in Europe, Italy, Japan, and South Korea continues to rise. In view of this, masks and forehead thermometers have become today With such a huge demand for popular products under the epidemic, the safety of masks and forehead thermometers has also attracted people's attention. Each country has its own measurement standards for masks and forehead thermometers.

As a professional testing organization, we can provide the following testing services to escort your masks and forehead thermometers to the world's best-selling products. Mask certification standards

1. GB1903-2010

2. YY0469-2011

3. YY /T0969-2013

4. EN149

5. EN136

6. EN140

7. EN140

8. EN143

9. EN14387

10. European Union standard: EN14683,

11. U.S. requirements (complete set): ASTM F2100, MIL-M-36954-C, ASTM F2299, ASTM F1862

12. Japanese standard: JIS T 8151

13. Australian standards: AS/NZS 1718 and other national standards

Certification standards for temperature measuring guns

1. European standard safety: EN 60601-1

2. European safety: ISO 80601-2-56

3. European standard EMC: IEC 60601-1-2

4. U.S. regulations: ASTM E 1965

5. U.S. regulations: FCC: Part 18

6. China's complete set (test report): GB 9706.1, GB/T 21416, YY 0505 and other national standards

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