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Today we introduce to you the power supply CE certification standard EN 62368
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Time: 2020-12-05

The ability to sell power adapters in Europe depends on compliance with the relevant safety standards applicable to these regions. These standards are defined and managed by national or international cE agencies and various government-recognized testing laboratories to be able to prove compliance with such regulations.

The main goal of power safety standards used in electrical equipment is to prevent fire and electric shock. Products that meet these requirements can be identified by the safety marks of the relevant standards organization or the marks that comply with local regulations in a specific economic zone or trade zone.

Understanding the intricacies and nuances between the various EU standards and marking schemes can be daunting. This application note aims to determine the main standards related to power safety, the CE organization that manages them and/or provide CE certification, and the marking scheme that can be used to show compliance with the regulations.

Power adapter CE certification certification standards:

EN 60950 Information Technology Equipment Safety (will be revoked after 2019> Adapters for mobile phones, tablets, notebooks and other information products

EN 62368-1 audio/video, information and communication technology equipment, safety requirements (adapter standard for TV, audio and other audio and video products)

EN60335-1 is an implementation standard for adapters used in home appliances.

EN61558-2-7 The standard for power adapters to cooperate with toy products

EM 62368 is a new safety standard for information technology equipment and audio/video equipment. It replaces EN60950 and EN 60065


The withdrawal date (DoW) of the upcoming standards (EN 60065 and EM 60950-1) was first released in Europe in the second quarter of 2014, and the designated date is June 20, 2019; it will be December 20, 2020 to EN 62368 -1 replaces these two standards.

However, the Official Journal of the European Union has not yet been updated to make EN62368 a mandatory document and formally associate it with the Low Voltage Directive (LVD)-it is expected to be updated soon.

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