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How to apply for CE certification for electronic and electrical products
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Time: 2021-06-03

Detailed explanation of the application for CE certification of electrical and electronic products, household appliances are becoming more popular and electronic, radio and television, post and telecommunications and computer networks are becoming more and more developed, and the electromagnetic environment is becoming more and more complex and deteriorating, which makes the electromagnetic compatibility of electrical and electronic products <EMC electromagnetic interference EMI The issue of electromagnetic resistance (EMS) has also received increasing attention from governments and manufacturers. Therefore, the export of electrical and electronic products to EU countries needs to do cE certification, and the CE testing standards for ordinary products:


Electrician and electrical cE certification process
Step 1: Application (1. Fill in the application form; 2. Apply for the company information form; 3. Provide information and send samples);
Step 2: Quotation (According to the information you provide, an engineer will draw up the corresponding standard, test time and corresponding cost);
Step 3: Payment (after the applicant confirms the quotation, sign the application form and service agreement and pay the payment);
Step 4: Testing (the laboratory conducts a full set of tests on the applied products according to the relevant EU testing standards);
Step 5: The test is passed and the report is completed;
Step 6: The project is completed and the CE certificate is issued.

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