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How to apply for UL certification for wireless charging exported to the United States
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Time: 2021-06-03

In recent years, wireless charging products have been loved by more and more people, and the usage scenarios and scope have become wider and wider. Many manufacturers want to enter the US market, but they are not clear about the relevant certification rules. Today we will mainly introduce you Regarding the relevant certification requirements for wireless charging products to enter the US market, more exciting content-uncovered for you, continue to look down!

Related introduction:
The wireless charger is exported to the United States for relevant certification, which mainly includes the following four contents: safety, electromagnetic compatibility, energy efficiency, chemistry, etc. This time I will mainly introduce safety certification. u certification/ETL certification is a safety certification, both of which are voluntary certifications, but u certification is highly recognized in the United States.

Common standard: UL62368
Information required for wireless charging for u certification:
1. Test application form: The applicant should request company u to test the company's products in writing:
⒉. Company information: including the accurate name, address, contact person, postal code, telephone and fax of the applicant company, listed company and production plant, product name, product model, and intended use of the product
3. Parts list (BOM):
-Detailed list of parts and models, ratings, and manufacturer's name that make up the product
-For insulating materials, please provide the name of the raw material, such as E Polycarbonate, Lexan Type 104-When the component has been approved by u, please indicate the specific model and file number of the component

Electrical performance: For products in electronic appliances, electrical schematic diagrams (circuit diagrams) and electrical performance tables are required

Structure drawing: product structure drawing or exploded drawing, ingredient list, etc., and indicate the name and size of each part on the drawing

4. Other: product photos, instructions for use, safety matters or installation instructions and other materials.

Wireless charging certification process:
1. Quotation
2. Arrange for completion of payment of related payments
3. Provide application forms, materials, test samples
4. Test, confirm report
5. Passed the review and obtained NOA/NOC
6. NOA can use u mark to ship directly, NOc needs to complete the first factory inspection before using u mark to ship

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