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Power adapter CE certification
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The power adapter is one of the frequently used accessories in mobile devices, such as notebooks and mobile phones. These products all use power adapters. The power adapter has a wide range of applications, not only on the mobile device side, but also in other fields. Power adapter CE certification, generally will do the low voltage directive LVD and electromagnetic compatibility directive EMC, ERP, RoHS, etc. in the CE certification.

What are the cE certification standards for power adapters?

EN 62368-1: Audio/video, information and communication technology equipment, safety requirements (adapter standard for TV, audio and other audio and video products) EN61347-2-13: standard for power adapters to be used with lighting products;

EN60335-1: Implementation standard for adapters for home appliances;

EN61558-1: Safety standards for adapters for home appliances and power tools; EN61558-2-7: Standards for power adapters to cooperate with toy products; EN62368-1: New safety standards for information technology equipment and audio/video equipment.

What are the CE certification test items for the power adapter?
1. Components
2. Power interface
3. Marking and description
4. Protection against electric shock and energy hazards
5. Safety extra low voltage
6. Current limiting circuit
7. Restricted power supply
8. Grounding and connection protection measures
9. Primary circuit overcurrent protection and ground fault protection
10. Electrical insulation
11. Electrical clearance, creepage distance and insulation penetration distance
12. Wiring
13. Connection to AC grid power
14. Disconnection of AC grid power
15. Interconnection of equipment
16. Stability
17. Mechanical strength
18. Structural details
19. Protection of dangerous moving parts
20. Fever requirements
21. The opening of the shell
22. Fire prevention
23. Contact current protect conductor current
24. Electric strength

25. Abnormal operation and fault conditions

26. Protection of communication network personnel from equipment hazards

27. Communication network overvoltage protection

28. Communication wiring system overheating protection

29. Conducted disturbance voltage at the power supply terminal

30. Radiation disturbance field strength

31. Harmonic current

What information should be provided for the CE certification of the power adapter?
1. Product instruction manual;
2. Product technical conditions (or corporate standards), establish technical data;
3. Product electrical schematic diagram, circuit diagram, block diagram;
4. List of key components or raw materials (please select products with European certification marks);
5. Nameplate;
6. Other required information.

Power adapter to apply for CE certification process?
1. Project application
2. Document preparation (the documents have been explained above"
3. Product testing
4. Prepare report
5. Issuing a certificate

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