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How to apply for 3C certification for audio and video products
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Time: 2021-06-03

Audio and video products belong to the 08 category of the 3c certification mandatory catalog. Audio and video products within the scope of the catalog must apply for 3c certification before they can be sold in the domestic market. Today I will introduce you to the relevant content of applying for 3c certification.

Common standards for audio and video products 3 certification
Hai gauge standard: GB8898-2011
Electromagnetic compatibility standards: GB13837-2012, GB13836-2000, GB17625.1-2012

Audio and video products handling c certification process
Step 1: certification application
Step 2: Type test (sample test)
Step 3: initial factory inspection
Step 4: Evaluation and approval of certification results (verification and certification)

It should be noted that: Cac has a supervisory inspection every year after obtaining the certificate (annual inspection). Maintaining the Ccc certification is the result of long-term work. (At least one factory audit is required every year)

Information required for audio and video product certification
(1) Application for certification;
(2) Certification of the client, producer, and manufacturer’s registration certificate (such as business license, organization code certificate, etc.);
(3) Self-assessment report/declaration of the factory's quality assurance ability of the manufacturer;
(4) Factory inspection survey form;
(5) Relevant agreements or contracts (such as ODM agreements, OEM agreements, authorization letters, etc.) signed between the certification principal, producer, and production enterprise>;
(6) Product description information, mainly including: model description, technical parameters, key components and/or material list, electrical schematic diagram, difference description of products of different specifications contained in the same certification unit, etc.;
(7) Chinese instruction manual, Chinese nameplate and warning signs;
(8) The appointment letter of the person in charge of the certification technology and the cQC assessment certification and other materials;
(9) For the change application, the supporting documents of the relevant change items (such as the name change of the enterprise, the re-division of the administrative area, etc.);
(10) For Internet TV receiving equipment, a letter of undertaking that the product does not have the function of playing illegal overseas TV programs should be provided;
(11) Other required documents.

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