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How to apply for 3C certification for information technology equipment power supply
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Time: 2021-06-03

Different power supply products apply for 3c certification, and the corresponding standards will be different. This time we mainly introduce the 3c certification for information technology equipment power supply. Let us understand the specific content together!

01. General testing standards:
GB4943.1-2011 "Information Technology Equipment Part 1: General Requirements"
GB17625.1-2012 "Electromagnetic Compatibility Limits Harmonic Current Emission Limits (Equipment Input Current ≤16A)" GB/T9254-2008 "Radio Disturbance Limits and Measurement Methods of Information Technology Equipment"

02. Main test items:
1. Input test
2Nameplate marking durability test
3. Energy hazard test
4. Voltage measurement under normal and faulty working conditions of SELV
5. Current limiting circuit test
6. Restricted power supply test
7. Moisture treatment and insulation requirements test
8. Battery charge and discharge test
9. Temperature rise test under normal working conditions
10. Abnormal heat resistance test
11. Failure condition test, etc.

03. Handling process:
Stage 1: Application acceptance;
Stage 2: Data review;
Stage 3: The samples sent are received by the grazing;
Stage 4: Sample test, check data;
Stage 5: Draft in the laboratory;
Stage 6: The draft is correct, upload it for review;
Stage 7: cQc preliminary evaluation → re-evaluation → certificate issuance;
Stage 8: Printing, receiving, sending and management of certificates;
Stage 9: Factory inspection within 3 months after the first application for 3c certification (for factory level c or D, the certification can only be obtained after factory inspection>

04. Information required for certification:
1. Product nameplate
2. Product specifications
3. Product manual
4. List of critical parts safety and EMC
5. Product schematic diagram, pcblayout diagram
6. The cB certificate and report of the product (if any)
7. Product model list description and model difference description
8. Transformer specification <If the transformer has cQc certification. You don't need to)

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