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Further promote the voluntary certification of parts and components recognized by the compulsory certification of the complete machine
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Time: 2015-11-13

Recently, CNCA issued No. 28 of 2015 "Announcement of CNCA on Further Promoting the Voluntary Certification of Parts Products Recognized by Compulsory Certification of Complete Machines."

In order to further meet the needs of product certification system reform, stimulate the vitality of the certification market, promote the effective use of certification results, improve the overall quality management level of the product supply chain, reduce the cost of compulsory product certification for complete machine enterprises, and shorten the certification time, our committee now proposes The relevant measures to further promote the voluntary certification of parts and components recognized by the compulsory certification of complete machines are hereby announced.

1. All designated agencies for compulsory product certification shall combine the relevant requirements of the certification implementation rules of the CNCA, and establish a sound management mechanism for parts and raw materials based on their own management and risk control. The relevant management mechanism shall clarify the scope of voluntary certification of parts and raw materials that can be subject to the compulsory certification of the complete machine, the specific technical requirements and management measures for the certification organization (inspection and testing organization), and publish it in the form of public documents for convenience The management department, the certification client and the certification organization shall understand the relevant information and requirements.

2. All product certification agencies approved by the CNCA can carry out certification of related parts and raw materials within the approved certification business on a voluntary basis.

3. Encourage the establishment of certification alliances between designated agencies engaged in compulsory product certification of complete machines and with certification business agencies that carry out parts and raw materials, to form an effective mechanism for mutual recognition and acceptance of results, and achieve this through peer review, expert review, etc. The self-discipline and management of certification bodies improve certification efficiency, eliminate disorderly competition, and provide technical service guarantees for the implementation of compulsory product certification.

4. From the date of this announcement, the State Certification and Accreditation Administration Announcement No. 6 of 2003 shall be automatically annulled.

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